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Assuming all the attachments are processed by the background job, users can now search for text in images by using the regular JIRA global search or JQL search functionalities. The JQL search page shows all the issues that contain that text, but does not show the images that contain that text.  For that purpose you can visit the "Search for images"  from issues drop down:

Or by simply clicking on the "Images" link from the issue search page:

The second method also transfers the JQL query filter to the image search page automatically:

The search page shows a good thumbnail version of the image easy enough to identify the image you are looking for. You can get to the full image view or the parent issue in one click. 

Understanding Search functionality: 

There are two parameters to help narrow down your search results:

  1. JQL:
    JQL can be used to apply any filters that we would like to apply. For example, if we are interested in searching only within a specific project called Jira we can specify JQL as "project=Jira". For more examples please visit Jira documentation.
  2. Search text:
    This is the text we want to find inside an image. This text is case insensitive and can have multiple words. You cannot specify conditions like AND or OR inside search text. 

Advanced searching:

If you have a need to find images that either one text or another you would need a OR operator. Similarly if you would need to find images containing two texts (not two continuous words) you would need a AND operator. In these cases it is essential to know how ExtracText app stores the text extracted from images. 

ExtracText stores all extracted text from an issue in a custom field called "ExtracText" . By knowing this you can now make advanced search queries like below:

It is also possible to search by just the image file name: