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ExtracText Admin configuration page can be reached from the "Add ons" link under Administration or using the URL <jira-url>/plugins/servlet/extractext/admin . When you open the admin configuration page you will see any health check errors like license missing or similar. If there are are no errors then the plugin is working fine. 


Maximum file size to process (MB)

This setting controls the maximum file size limit that ExtracText will process for extracting text. If file size exceeds this setting then the file will not be processed by ExtracText. The default value for this is set at 4MB. Note that there is a Jira setting for maximum file size as well. ExtracText setting is in addition to that. For example, If the maximum file size for attachments in Jira is set to be 10MB and the ExtracText setting is set to be 4MB, then a file of size 5MB will not be processed by ExtracText. This setting helps to minimize load on server. For example if you upload a 8MB PDF file with 100 pages you may not want ExtracText to look through all 100 pages for finding images in them and extracting all those text. On the other hand if you have a system with adequate memory and processing power and you need the functionality you can increase this limit.

Select file types to extract text from and added to search index

This setting controls what file types are processed by ExtracText. For example if you would like to extract text from only PDF files you can disable other file types. By default all the file types are enabled.

Change language for text extraction:

This setting controls what language the text is going to be extracted in. The default setting is English. 

ExtracText Job Status:

ExtracText job runs every 1 minute. As new attachment images are added to Jira they are queued to be processed by ExtracText. The number of items queued can be seen as "Attachments in queue". You can refresh the status by simply clicking on the refresh button (loads much faster than refreshing the whole page). When a job is in progress you will see a progress indicator bar and the number of attachments in queue as shown below:

If you would like to process pre-existing attachments that were added to Jira before installation of ExtracText, you can specify a JQL and in the next run all attachments from issues matching the JQL will be processed. By default if an attachment was already processed by ExtracText (OCRed) it will cache the result and not process it again. If you would like to force run OCR on all attachments then check the box labelled "Force Run" before saving the JQL. Note that depending on the number of attachments to be processed it may take a long time for a JQL job to be completed. In the mean time any images added to Jira will be queued by ExtracText as the ExtracText job is a single threaded job. A JQL job can be cancelled any time by clicking on the Cancel button. It may take a few minutes for the job to be cancelled.

You can also view the last 5 job status below that. It shows the job start time, end time, number of attachments successfully processed and number of attachments failed to process as well as the JQL processed.